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Current Class Offering

Level 2: Games in Scenes

Learn the “game” of the scene, including tools for game recognition and activation.

Location: Dojo Comedy

Sundays from 1-3:30



Improv Resume 

I graduated from the Washington Improv Theater in 2016 and Dojo Comedy in 2017. Currently play on Dojo house team Maple Sunday where I’ve taught Level 1 & 2. At Dojo I’ve taken several improv workshops, including the Reductress satire workshop and Kevin Mullaney’s improv intensive. See Maple Sunday play every Friday at Dojo Comedy.

Currently on the Washington Improv Harold team Heirloom. See them play for free most Tuesdays of the month.

I also play on the indie team Trustfall, which puts together the monthly show Trustfall & Friends at the Pinch.