Hello, World


I’ve started a blog about 12 times over the years. It always sounded like a good idea: write everyday, share a  few photos, connect with a few people, yadda yadda. But I found myself making a mental list this August when I turned 29 and wanted to figure out the things I want to accomplish before I turn 30 and somehow that pesky idea of starting a blog came back onto it.

I then did what I always do when making time-sucking decisions and phoned a friend for help – this time that friend being Lexie Roberts (my also cousin) who runs a delightful and inspiring blog in Colorado.

“What’s your focus?” she asked, and I was honestly stumped by the question. My love of “things” is as unfocused as a sweet tooth in the candy isle. I’m passionate to know a little about a lot of topics. I love to travel and take photos (who doesn’t). I like cooking tips from Chrissy Teigan (though I usually attempt substituting ingredients I don’t have a ruin her recipes). I do improv comedy in DC and teach yoga, though I’d consider myself a newbie compared to some of the master teachers/players I work with. I’m obsessed with Atlas Obscura and work regularly to check in to new places depending on where I am on the map (seriously, it’s addictive).

So this blog may start out a little all over the place and we’ll see where it gets me.

If anyone stumbles upon this blog and has any thoughts on DC improv, the state of museums, or even how the heck Chrissy made her cacio el pepe recipe look so damn pretty in her cook book, I’m all ears.

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